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Dynamite Roll

Prawn Tempura, Cucumber, Avocado, Carrot, Red Pepper, Crabmeat & Spina...
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Kamikaze Roll

Avocado Tempura Flakes & Cucumber with Spicy Mayo.
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Kim’s Roll

Tempura, Salmon on Top in Spicy Tuna with Spicy & Unagi Sauce.
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Nagano Special Roll

Cucumber, Avocado & Crabmeat with Spicy Tuna On Top.
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Love Roll

Cucumber, Crabmeat, Prawn Tempura, Salmon & Tuna Raw Fish on Top with White...
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Jewelry Roll

Cucumber, Avocado, Crabmeat, Tempura Salmon on Top with Spicy & Unagi ...
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Ellis Roll

Deep Fried Cali Roll in Cucumber, Crabmeat, Avocado, Salmon with Spicy...
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Chicken Run Roll

Cucumber, Avocado, Crabmeat, Spicy Chicken with Unagi & Mustard Sauce.
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Kelowna Power Roll

Cucumber, Avocado, Crabmeat & Eel with Sauce.